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Our mission at Career Creators is to provide the tools you need to gain clarity about your career path so you can take actionable steps to achieve your goals with confidence. Using our signature ‘Creators Way’ process using the 5c’s to move from discovering oneself to designing your future and ultimately taking actions to live it. We exist for ambitious professionals and specialists that know there is something more for them out there but don’t know what it is yet.

We all deserve to have a great career and life. If you want a great career, you need to be willing to work on yourself, just as much as you do on your career. You need to be vulnerable, embrace change and be willing to learn and grow.


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we're 100% aligned with our core values and purpose

And that is what we want for you too.

Career Creators core purpose is to transform the lives of those who come to us when they are at a career crossroads, lacking purpose and direction by giving them clarity and confidence in their career, through learning more about themselves and connecting to who they are. We help you to overcome self-doubts, take control of your career and create a strategy to live your life on your terms.

Sally Watson


Sally is Life & Career Transformation Coach helps ambitious professionals, when they are at a career crossroads, lacking purpose and direction. Sally guides them to clarity and confidence in their career, through learning more about themselves and connecting to who they are to work out what their next career steps are that suit them. Often our client that go through our Reconnect program, decided to create their own career and become self-employed. Sally continues to work with business owners with business strategy and mindset during the start-up phase. 

Outside of work: I love getting outdoors, beach walks and bike rides with my two girls and going to new places, camping and exploring. 

Fun fact about Sally: I’ll be taking the business on the road in mid-2022, travelling around Australia, living in a caravan with my family (continuing working of course, as I love what I do). 

Chrystal Ashby


Chrystal is a Wellbeing and Career Coach who helps ambitious individuals who feel stuck and exhausted, but ready to make a change either in their life, career or both. 

Chrystal is passionate about taking a holistic approach to personal wellbeing, helping people learn to manage and master their energy, enabling them to experience sustainable balance and fulfillment in their lives.

She has a diverse background in various sectors such as health/fitness/wellbeing, leadership and management, community and youth services. 

Outside of work:

I love the little things in life – spending time with my partner and dog, getting outdoors to appreciate nature, my morning coffee or a delicious meal. I enjoy traveling, deep and meaningful conversations (no small talk here!) and honestly, I love supporting people to be at their best.

Fun Fact about Chrystal: as well as running my own business Balance HQ, I also manage renting out our home-on-wheels, Ranger Bilby! Ranger Bilby was our home when we traveled WA and the NT in 2022, and now I get a kick out of giving others the opportunity to get off the beaten path and explore too. 

Hannah Fenner


Hannah has an extensive background in recruitment, employment services, training and coaching, leadership and disability services. Hannah is absolute gin when it comes to marketing your personal brand in the written for, be that in your résumé (CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. She has a knack for extracting pivotal information from her clients to showcase their career skills, achievements and strengths and completely revamp the message they are communicating to highlight their value. 

Outside of work: “I can be found chasing after a busy 3-year-old at the beach, listening to an endless list of podcasts or spending time in the veggie garden.” 
Fun fact about Hannah: “I am a certified fertility awareness educator. After participating in one of Sally’s coaching programs, I realised my true passion for helping women improve their body literacy to achieve pregnancy or avoid pregnancy without the use of hormonal birth control. I now support women all over the world as the founder of The Body Bluprint” 

Katie Kirkland


Katie is an experienced career transition coach with an extensive background in recruitment and talent acquisition. Katie is a Credentialed Practitioner in Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling as well as Certified NLP Practitioner, which allows her to help clients bring a competitive edge to positioning themselves for the type of career they really want. Katie focuses on career strategy, personal brand, interview coaching, identifying strengths and transferable skills as well as helping clients to understand what drives and motivates them in the workplace to get clarity on what they really want. 

Outside of work: “I am mum to a very active 5-year-old boy and a sausage dog so will be found at the beach, park, skate park ( where I also roller skate!)…….or somewhere with wine 😊 

Fun Fact about Katie: I have a Degree in Music and Performance Studies and always dreamed of becoming a professional opera singer!! 

Senecca Ligaya


Senecca is our Client Liaison and Communications pro! She also helps with just about everything behind the scenes from admin, to technical support and any other areas our team and clients need help with, Senecca is our Jack-of-All-Trades. 

Outside of work: I am a mum of 3 cats (Bella, Igor, and Red). I absolutely love pets! I am an outgoing person who loves adventures, nature and Friday night! (haha) 

Fun Fact about Senecca: “I have a Degree in Civil Engineering but I haven’t been practicing this or even used it in my previous job.” 

Hazel Nobleza


Hazel, a vibrant soul navigating the dynamic world of freelancing and digital creativity. In a span of just two years, Hazel has carved her own path in the online industry, embracing the virtual realm with open arms and finding her calling as a freelance Social Media Manager.

Outside of work: You’ll often find me buried in the pages of a good read during my downtime regardless of where I am – whether it’s a serene room, a bustling mall, a public transpo, or a cozy café.

Fun Fact about Hazel: “Learning languages is a fun challenge for me. I’ve actually learned Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Spanish, and French before. But here’s the thing, if you’re wondering whether I’m still really good at all of them, I’m actually planning to spend some time polishing up my language skills, with Spanish being my main focus. You know, just getting back into the groove!”