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Your Job title is like a News Headline.

Have you ever wondered what they mean when they say your résumé needs to be enticing and needs to stand out? I love when I open a new window on Internet Explorer, I get the news headlines pop up in my feed. I have a quick scan over and if

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2017 Career Highlights and Lowlights

Is 2017 a distant memory for you now? Have you reflected on the year just gone? What were your career highlights and low lights in 2017? I have put some thought into mine and am happy to share, albeit mine are a double-edged sword! My highlight was an obvious one.

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The Secret to a Stand-out Résumé

A common comment, I hear often from clients is they want their résumé to stand-out in a potentially overwhelming applicant pool. So what exactly makes a CV stand out? First of all, not every job posting receives over 200 applications, like some people hear. Yes, there are some over-saturated job

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9 Steps To Making Your Next Career Move

A 10-page guide that covers insider tips and tricks to make sure you are set up for success in landing your ideal job. The absolute must- do’s when it comes to job searching, networking, LinkedIn profiles, résumé, cover letters & selection criteria.

In this Career Guide, I will step you through a tried and tested process, giving you a framework to work with, covering: 

  • Discovering your dream job
  • Résumés & LinkedIn Profiles
  • Networking
  • Job Searching
  • Interview Tips
  • Salary Negotiation, and
  • Starting your new job!
Are you ready to implement a clear structure to changing jobs or transitioning your career?