A Career As A Career Coach

As many of our loyal readers and followers might know, it is that Sally loves asking questions and is on the big scale of a people person. This might come to you as a surprise, but figuring out whether you’re a ‘people’ person or a ‘things’ person was actually something Sally had to reflect on […]

4 Tips to Get Noticed By a Recruiter

Ever thought of getting in touch with a recruiter? Read these tips before you do! Searching for a job can be quite an emotional roller coaster to say it at least. Spending hours and days of your free time perfecting your resumé, making yet another final touch on your cover letter, getting in touch with […]

Career Spotlight – November

WELCOME TO OUR CAREER SPOTLIGHT SERIES – NOVEMBER ⁠In this month’s Career Spotlight, we managed to dig down and chat with the extremely passionate guy, with his feet planted on the ground (to be precise with his career as well), Joshua Turner. Since Joshua was a kid he knew that Geology was his call in […]

The Power Of Networking

I was delighted to recently meet Rose Olesen at a networking event and Drishya Prasad through online networking, who are both studying Marketing at Griffith University. Here the two international students share their experiences about networking with industry professionals and why it’s such an important part of your career development. To put it simply, these […]

Career Spotlight – September

WELCOME TO OUR CAREER SPOTLIGHT SERIES – SEPTEMBER ⁠This month’s Career Spotlight, we managed to pin down and chat with the incredibly talented, fiercely determined business-woman, that is Gemma Rostron (aka my sister). Gemma is the poster girl for making things happen and chasing her dreams. She has navigated many career changes, including a recent […]

Career Spotlight – August

WELCOME TO OUR CAREER SPOTLIGHT SERIES – AUGUST This month, we have the pleasure of interviewing one of our very own…. a great contributor and vital part to the Sally Watson Dram Team, Emily! 1. Can you tell me a bit about what you do?⁠ I currently work 2 part time jobs, one as an […]

Career Spotlight – June

WELCOME TO OUR CAREER SPOTLIGHT SERIES – JUNE This month’s spotlight is coming to you slightly late (in July), which means July we will have two professionals featured! Our guest this month, has an interesting career path that I am sure we can all take inspiration from, especially when it comes to finding ‘your calling’. […]

May – Career Spotlight

WELCOME TO OUR CAREER SPOTLIGHT SERIES – MAY⁠ In this interview we hear from an experienced Event Manager and Conference Team Leader, Katie Beer who has been successfully navigating a tricky market, highly impacted by Covid-19. Read on to learn about an event management career and how Katie and her team have quickly pivoted to […]

April – Career Spotlight

WELCOME TO OUR APRIL CAREER SPOTLIGHT⁠ ⁠ We are honoured to feature Liam in this month’s spotlight and learn more about his impactful role in our community.⁠ Liam has progressed his career first in the health industry as a paramedic, to  an award winning advocate for Indigenous autonomy in both business and health. Liam is […]

Working From Home – Tips

The Best 17 Work From Home Tips from seasoned (WFH) online business entrepreneurs The effects of COVID-19 have forced a lot of companies (large and small), to encourage or request their employees to work from home. A lot of companies are already equipped to support remote working, by having their workforces fully operating on laptops, […]