May – Career Spotlight

WELCOME TO OUR CAREER SPOTLIGHT SERIES – MAY⁠ In this interview we hear from an experienced Event Manager and Conference Team Leader, Katie Beer who has been successfully navigating a tricky market, highly impacted by Covid-19. Read on to learn about an event management career and how Katie and her team have quickly pivoted to […]

April – Career Spotlight

WELCOME TO OUR APRIL CAREER SPOTLIGHT⁠ ⁠ We are honoured to feature Liam in this month’s spotlight and learn more about his impactful role in our community.⁠ Liam has progressed his career first in the health industry as a paramedic, to  an award winning advocate for Indigenous autonomy in both business and health. Liam is […]

Working From Home – Tips

The Best 17 Work From Home Tips from seasoned (WFH) online business entrepreneurs The effects of COVID-19 have forced a lot of companies (large and small), to encourage or request their employees to work from home. A lot of companies are already equipped to support remote working, by having their workforces fully operating on laptops, […]

Do you Embrace Change or Fear It?

Change certainly does funny things to one’s mindset. I always saw myself as an advocate for change, when I worked in corporate, I loved brainstorming new ideas to improve & streamline processes or make our offering more valuable for our clients and candidates. I worked in a company where change was a regular occurrence and […]