Leverage the ‘hidden job market’

What a few months it has been. The word Covid has become a common piece of our vocabulary. We are fast learning resilience in all areas of our lives. One thing I continue to notice among my community is that these past few months has been an opportunity to look inward, self-reflect and ponder ‘what […]

March – Career Spotlight

Welcome to our March Career Spotlight I am super excited to bring you this months Career Spotlight and introduce an awesome human, who has recently navigated a complete career change from one interesting career as a Defence Force Musician to another. Meet Dave Matthews, Watchroom Operator at the Defence Fire Station in Wagga Wagga.⁠ ⁠ […]

February Career Spotlight

Welcome to our CAREER SPOTLIGHT February Feature. This month we have interviewed the lovely Charissa Lim, who has been a coaching client who was successful in gaining a job that she loves as a Training & Onboarding Consultant. Learn more about Charissa’s career in our mini interview:   1. Can you tell me a bit […]

Get Ready For Video Interviews

  If you have not interviewed for a long time (or have been living under a rock), you may not be aware that Video Interviewing is in full swing for a lot of companies in their recruitment processes. If you get anxious or dread a normal face to face interview – you may be squirming […]

Are You Making These 5 Résumé Mistakes?

When it comes to Résumés, there is a lot of conflicting information out there, as an ex-Recruiter, turned Career Coach I wanted to share my 2 cents worth of the most common mistakes I see on résumés. [Full disclosure: mistake no. 4 & no 5 can be a little controversial…] Mistake #1 – Discriminating Information […]

120 Hacks for Living Your Best Life

Firstly, Happy New Year! Yes, I know it is February, however it is my first blog post for 2019 😊  I am sure your year is off to a flying start (as is mine) and you are working through and smashing your 2019 goals! The purpose of this blog post is to share an amazing […]