Leverage the ‘hidden job market’

What a few months it has been. The word Covid has become a common piece of our vocabulary. We are fast learning resilience in all areas of our lives.

One thing I continue to notice among my community is that these past few months has been an opportunity to look inward, self-reflect and ponder ‘what really matters‘, what matters most in my life, my family and in my career.

Because of this, there is a big trend in people looking for work. ‘Duh I hear you say, ‘of course people are looking for work, they’ve lost their job and unemployment stats are higher than they have been in a long time’. Whilst that may be the obvious, it is not only people that have been stood down, let go or made redundant that are looking for a new job. The rise of asking for help and getting a Career Coach is on the up and those who have (relatively) stable jobs and have not been impacted (by losing their jobs) have still been affected in some way, which as mentioned has caused this shift that I am noticing. This shift in asking oneself what really matters to me?

I was absolutely humbled to be invited to contribute to a LinkedIn post, created by LinkedIn News Editor, Cayla Dengate. Hundreds of Career Coaches contributed their top tips and advice to this post on LinkedIn. The thread itself, is a great read. LinkedIn’s News Editor, then collated the best tips into an article for Get Hired Australia (which I was featured in *blush blush*).

The article honed in on the notion of finding ‘the hidden job market‘…..

“Advertised jobs only make up 20%-25% of roles that are actually available. That means 75%-80% of jobs aren’t advertised.”

I repeat, 75-80% of jobs are not advertised!!

WHAT?!?! I hear you say.

If they are not advertised, how the hell do I tap into these so called ‘hidden’ jobs?
The short answer is ….. by talking to people!!!

We all know that old saying, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ ….. which is not entirely true (you do need relevant skills too) but the people you speak too and build relationships with can play a HUGE part in you being successful in your next role.

Leveraging this hidden job market and creating your strategy, is the focus of my final Masterclass in my 6-week Group Coaching Program: Jump Start Your Job Search. If you missed out on joining this program and are super-keen to learn all of my tips to job searching and landing that new job, you can purchase the program as a self-paced course here.

To read the full article on Get Hired Australia, with the top tips from Australian Career Coaches (including my tip), check it out here.

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