March – Career Spotlight

Welcome to our March Career Spotlight

I am super excited to bring you this months Career Spotlight and introduce an awesome human, who has recently navigated a complete career change from one interesting career as a Defence Force Musician to another.

Meet Dave Matthews, Watchroom Operator at the Defence Fire Station in Wagga Wagga.⁠

In our mini-interview with Dave, we learnt what a typical day is like for him in the Watchroom, how he got into this career path and the advice he would give others looking for a career in this field.⁠


1. Can you tell me a bit about what you do for work and what you enjoy most about your job?⁠


I have recently started as a Watchroom Operator with Broadspectrum Fire & Rescue at a fire station located on a Defence base outside of Wagga Wagga NSW. My duties primarily involve the monitoring of all communication equipment, fire panels and computer systems along with logging daily occurrences into a logbook and incident reporting. I am also the communication link during an emergency response between station crew and other staff members both on and off base. I enjoy being part of a small crew of highly trained fire fighters and learning the basics of the trade with the intent of one day becoming a fire fighter myself.


2. What is a typical day like?


A typical day for me involves equipment checks, record keeping, computer work and other general fire station duties like cleaning and equipment maintenance.


3. How did you end up in this profession?


I have always had an interest in firefighting and recently a friend of mine who has worked in this field for many years has encouraged me to make this career change.


4. What is the best career advice someone has given you?


Having a Defence Force background, I’ve been encouraged by those around me to undertake any training opportunities that are offered or available. The learning of new skills along with hard work and determined training has served me well over the years. Fire & Rescue Watchroom Operator


5. Do you need any qualifications to do what you do? If so, what are they?


I needed a minimum of 5 units of training. These being – Operate Communication Systems, Communicate in the Workplace, Work in a Team, Work Autonomously and Prevent Injury.


6. What advice would you give to someone looking to get into this profession?


I’m still very new to this industry, however my advice would be to gain as much experience as possible in firefighting and rescue through volunteer services like the RFS and SES.


Thank you Dave, it has been a pleasure working with you and learning about your interesting careers. We knew when you came to us that you would do great in whatever your next role was.

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