Client Success

Great program, with quality content and delivery.

Sally offers a great program and delivers quality content in a really easy to follow way. My experience with Sally has been really fulfilling at a time when I needed clarity on many aspects of my life in and out of work. I would highly recommend you consider Sally Watson if the opportunity arises.

Scott Ward, Sydney

I would recommend Sally as a career coach
When I first made contact I didn’t even know what a career coach was. I thought I wanted help with interviewing, selection criteria etc however what I gained (& didn’t even know I needed) was an insight into what I want & love in a job! Plus the confidence to go forward for it. Sally has been someone to guide me in the right direction. Nick Mulry, Brisbane PRIVATE COACHING

The DISC profile is one of the better ones I have completed.

The biggest change and the biggest notice I got was doing the DISC Profile. I have done similar ones before, they felt generic whereas the DISC profile was almost like attacking me with how spot on it was.

Dermot O’Loughlin, Gold Coast

One word comes to mind, WOW! My LinkedIn profile is incredibly written. I was really lifted when I read through it. AVIATION PROFESSIONAL

I liked that the Career Roadmap program was a balance between technical skills, like updating your LinkedIn profile, job hunting and interview techniques than a mix of the more psychological aspects like goal setting and gaining confidence.

And I like the group coaching….the camaraderie between all of the attendees was great. It was nice to be able to share your wins and your challenges and get ideas from people who are really motivated and going through similar things to me.

This course really helped me find what is the best fit and why. That was really valuable. Plus looking at my vales.

I always thought Career Coaching was a luxury, yeah I could get my résumé done but do I really need career coaching? What’s it going to offer? But honestly, Sally it has been one of the best things I’ve done for my career ever. I’ve learnt so much through the courses.

Clair Perkins

Sally has been such an amazing guide in helping me gain confidence in the interview process.

I called on Sally in a bit of a panic a day before my job interview and she booked me in for a laser coaching session straight away. I really felt Sally’s passion for her work, as she guided me through a professional coaching session that opened my eyes to the interview process and gave me clarity on how I could best approach it in the most confident way possible. Sally really has so much knowledge and experience in the industry! I highly recommend engaging with Sally if, like me, you want to develop your interview skills to have a competitive advantage above the rest. Thanks,

Samantha Cook, Cairns QLD

No more blocks or limiting beliefs and I’m 100% committed to my business!

I engaged Sally to help me with my transition from my current career to going full time in my business. I knew I had some mental blocks and limiting beliefs to overcome, and Sally was pivotal in helping me move past these!

I can now happily say I’ve handed in my resignation and committed 100% to my business! Sally helped me discover my true strength and courage to go all-in on ME.

Sally has such a kind and warm presence and I always feel so comfortable opening up to her. I’d highly recommend working with Sally if you need help to take your career and your life to the next level!

Daniel Marshall, South Australia

Sally’s industry insight and helpful resources gave me confidence in my applications and clarity on what I was seeking.

Sally has a very personal approach for each person even in a group situation. She listens to what a person is saying and has a knack for hearing the underlying themes of what someone is seeking in a job or what they need to progress in their direction. I know because I witnessed this first-hand in her group coaching.

Brooke Meldrum, Brisbane

I contacted Sally for coaching after scoring an interview for a dream role – and I got the job!

I was looking for someone who could help build my confidence (after a few disappointing results previously). I had a brief chat will Sally prior to booking and was impressed when she recommended a simple 1hr session.

Sally guided our session in a positive and free-flowing way and incorporated some really powerful techniques that had me feeling confident for the first time in ages.

I am happy to report that thanks to Sally’s coaching I felt super confident and satisfied with the interview. I left feeling happy with my performance and believed I’d put my best foot forward. Sally kept in touch during the waiting period and offered some ad-hoc advice that I really appreciated.

Thank you so much Sally.

I would absolutely recommend Sally Watson for anyone looking to make a stress-free career move.

Sally was able to quickly match me up with her team member Hannah, who had experience in my field, and together we were able to target my main goals for the job application process. The résumé and cover letter course were very user-friendly and so rich in information that I will use time and time again for any future jobs and that I apply for.

Hannah was very responsive to my needs and flexible with time frames, making the application and interview process as smooth-sailing as possible. Her advice in the interview coaching process really hit the nail on the head, and I interviewed with so much more confidence than I ordinarily would have, landing a job within 24 hours of the interview!

I gained so much from my time working with Sally – both through increased personal empowerment and developing my professional acumen.

I am extremely grateful to have been able to work with Sally Watson when seeking a pivot in my career. Sally shows immense empathy and understanding and seeks to fully understand her clients’ position and aims.

I still seek counsel from Sally on many elements of my career and recommend you consult with her for any aspect of development and personal coaching, be it for a single employee right up to a larger organisation aiming to lift engagement and culture within the workplace.

Lachlan MacDonald, Brisbane

Just wanted to let you all know that I am starting a new position this Monday.

It’s been quite a ride and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and support Sally Watson. My job search journey started with the review of my resume/cover letters and LinkedIn profile. I then became a member and started the coaching program which I participated in for three months.

Thank you, Sally Watson, for creating a warm, caring and supportive environment for your members during the arduous journey of job searching.

I really found the coaching sessions all quite insightful and benefited greatly from the program.

Thank you also to Katie Kirkland for reviewing my many cover letters and resumes!

I will certainly recommend your career coaching services and will contact you when I embark on my next chapter.

Natasha Bratkovic, Sydney

Completing the Career Clarity program with Sally Watson was a great eye-opener and changed my perspective on not only myself but also my skill set.

I used to think my skills weren’t valuable or transferable but now I know that I have a lot of great skills that can be transferred to many industries. By working on myself, networking and working with the amazing Hannah to perfect my résumé, I’m getting offered interviews without even applying for the roles. This is a massive confidence booster for me. I’m so glad we crossed paths.

Amanda Clifford, Melbourne

This program is amazing! It was so easy to use, I loved it.

The pace was great, I loved doing short daily activities. I especially loved the reflection on my past and also learning about the different personality types and energy styles.

I highly recommend this program – it’s worth checking out!

Jenny Oceans, Gold Coast

Sally and her team are so knowledgeable and exceptional at what they do.

They tailor the package to your needs and once your session/package is over, they check on you and help you with the next steps.

My resume and cover letter are amazing and they were able to take my description of my work and create such professional documents reflecting my employment history and skills. I highly recommend Sally and the team.

Amber H, Sydney

I have applied for 5 jobs this week and have had 3 positive responses (with interviews lined up) thanks to your assistance with my résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Amazing!

LinkedIn has been an amazing tool that I had not utilised previously. Prior to your assistance I did not have such response nor the confidence in my experience on paper. Sally thank you for your expertise and guidance through this process, it gave me the competitive edge amongst the thousands.”

Chris M

Sally has the ability to get to the crux of the issue, showing great empathy and encouragement to support you in making good career decisions.

I had the real pleasure of being coached by Sally Watson recently. We started by understanding my core needs in order to develop a longer term approach to my career vision and goals, before looking in greater detail at tools to determine how current opportunities align with my goals. I definitely recommend Sally to anyone looking for professional career coaching.

Angus Kell